Residential Solar Services

We specialize in helping homeowners understand the process and benefits of a solar energy system. We can determine potential savings, identify tax credits and grants, as well as handle installation from start to finish. 

Golden Valley Energy is the start-to-finish solution to power your home with solar.

3 Steps to Energy Freedom:


Estimate Energy Savings

We offer a cost free savings analysis for anyone interested in a solar energy system for their home. We provide aerial photos of your residence with computer generated images of the panels on your roof. You will not only know potential savings, but you can see what your system will look like!

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Schedule Installation

We make our installation process as quick and painless as possible. We are flexible with the time and days to fit your schedule. We offer low disturbance installation to be the least invasive and intrusive as possible. Talk to one of our reps to learn more about what to expect before, during, and after installation.


Cancel your Energy Bill!

Once you have solar, you can go off the grid. Literally! You will produce the energy needed to run your home and will no longer have to deal with the ever-increasing energy bill. Some of our customers will save hundreds of thousands over their lifetime. It all starts with a cost free analysis from GV Energy.

Interested in employment in the solar industry? We can’t fill our positions fast enough. Check out our Careers page.

Tesla Powerwall


At GVE we offer our customers the ability to finally have true grid independence. With the concern of costly wildfires increasing exponentially California’s utilities are taking more drastic action and turning off power through out the state in high fire times. For our customers the peace of mind to continue living life as uninterrupted as possible is available. The Tesla Power Wall II is the highest quality and largest residential storage option on the market today.

General Powerwall info

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